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I think it's pretty obvious what our intentions were when 6 of my Madrid housemates and I decided to take a weekend trip to Holland. Can't get around that one and no use lying about it, so might as well embrace the dark side, eh? (The first thing we saw when we stepped out of the train station was a Rasta with the biggest blunt hanging off his lower lip ... while rolling an equally large blunt. In front of cops. Yup, we're in the right place.) But why Holland again, you ask? Oh, nostalgic reasons. Amsterdam happens to be one of my favorite European cities and I'm sure I'm doing it so much more justice this second time around by going with friends. It's a bit awkward hitting up the red light district and visiting coffeehouses with your family as a 12 year old. For a European, that's probably no biggie. But I'm not. And heck ya it was freakin' awkward. Anyways, long story short, we pretty much accomplished what each person wanted to do/see on this trip. Proof of why traveling with housemates make the best travel buddies! No maps, no rules, no itineraries - just randomness at it's finest!

besos ... jin.