{foodie adventure} mini red velvet bundt cake.

mini red velvet bundt cake.

This heavenly mini goodness (with chocolate chips!) from Baby Giono's Baptism soirée was actually my morning-after-breakfast a few Mondays ago. Kinda wished it was my breakfast for this Monday. I can not stop dreaming about how well-balanced and well-executed and, well, perfect these mini bundt cakes are. One nibble and you, too, will be blown away at how moist it is ... for a bundt cake! Not just any regular bundt cake - cupcake AND mini cuppycake versions. Yeah, I know what you're thinking -

'Why didn't I think of that first??!'

Forrealz! To show just how impressionable I am by these lil suckers (as well as anything bite-size for that matter), I'm now on a mission to bake my own mini bundt cakes. Thanks for the inspiration, Nothing Bundt Cakes!

besos ... jin.